Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watch out...here she comes!

The Rockin' Redneck Mommy is coming out of her shell, for better or for worse. So, let me start off by giving you a look into who I am.

1) I'm a rock-n-roll gal living in a country world. If you'd have told me ten years ago that I'd be living in the sticks surrounded by dogs, horses and chickens, I'd have eyed you very strangely before calling the men in white coats to take you away.

2) I'm the wife to a man who can fix darn near anything with a set of Craftsman wrenches, a screwdriver and duct tape.

3) I'm the mommy to two beautiful little boys. The oldest is 4 and just started Pre-K. The youngest is 4 months. They each give me fits in their own special little ways.

4) This blog will probably contain absolutely NO information of practical or literary use. I may amuse you once in a while with a story about redneckin' or something that the 4 year old did, but my writing and descriptive skills are somewhat lacking. Chalk it up to having two kids that NEVER want to sleep at the same time. I can feel my brain cells shriveling as we speak.

5) I *will* ocasionally give my opinion about certain things/issues that are near and dear to my heart. While I mean no disrespect to those of opposing views, I will not apologize for my beliefs and how I express them. While I encourage RESPECTFUL debate, name-calling and general childishness will not be tolerated.

6) I probably will not make regular posts. I'll try. Really, I will.

Unfortunately, that's about it. Exciting, huh? All I can do is take this life one day at a time. If you'd like to read about my experiences and my take on this world around us, buckle up and hang on--the ride has begun!

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